Under  ESA Contract (ARTES 5.2 Technology), in 2013 SpaceSys built MARS (Mechatronic Attitude & Rotations Simulator), an ultra light robotic platform which purpose is to perform quick attitude &/or  pointing acquisition. The European Space Agency successfully exploited M.A.R.S to test SATURN, a revolutionary S-Band satellite antenna.

However MARS possibilities go far beyond these ones and embrace virtually infinite solutions, from optical device (laser/camera) precise pointing to tactical grade AHRS/INS performance analysis. We have leveraged the background and our experience with ESA to build a new robotic platform, smarter and more powerful, designed to easily host any kind of electronic equipment. The small, light and inexpensive robotic platform is incredibly appealing to both start-ups undertaking new challenges but struggling with low budget and to established enterprises exploring new endeavours

A reliable robotic platform is usually very expensive.  To dramatically reduce the cost MARS is completely configurable to fit different needs  and budgets. So we decided to work together with the customer to understand their needs and lower the price (according to a customer request we are now building a low cost 2 Degrees of Freedom Module, 2DFM. The module shall soon be integrated in a Radar Prototype).

You can learn more about MARS performance & specification here or contact us on this page.