Advanced Autonomous Antenna (A³)

A³  The 2th Generation S-Band Autonomous Antenna Prototype hosts an On-Board Navigation MicroController  to achieve nearly instantaneous pointing acquisition, even in harsh environmental conditions.  Navigation Micro Controller drives 2 highly reliable robotic actuators  and perform a precise satellite pointing. No active Satellite Tracking operation  is performed.





Mechanical specifications
Overall dimensions < 22 cm
Weight < 1.5 kg
Cup dimensions D 12 cm, H 8 cm
Casing material Aluminium



Performance specifications
Operating frequencies (TX/RX) 1995 – 2185 MHz
Maximum gain 8 dB
Beam Width (of single cup) 60°
Coverage 360° azimuth, 0-90° elevation
Polarization Selectable RH/LH circular polarization
Overall Insertion Loss < 1 dB
Pointing accuracy < 0.1 deg



Supply voltage 12-24 VDC
Connection to TX/RX system SMA-F connectors